A modest proposal for thwarting global economic collapse, saving civilization, preserving democracy, and paying every citizen of the United States $100,000. Cash.

  • Every US citizen receives $100,000 – Cash
  • $20 per hour minimum wage (for starters)
  • Free health care
  • Free public college
  • $10,000 per year for each student in grades K–12
  • Tax relief for all
  • Debt relief for all
  • Fully funded government

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National Vesting Heirarchy

Real Solutions. Real Change.

the blueprint for transforming
our economy

The blueprint for transforming our economy is finally here. Robert Whitehair’s revolutionary economic theories in his new book, ‘American Buyout’ will forever change the way that people think about modern economic science and pave the way for a new economy that eliminates the boom or bust cycles that have plagued us for close to the last 90 years. In this book, you will:

  • Discover how this one mistake proves that all economic science is wrong! (Page 152).
  • Learn how Whitehair uncovered a $15T market surplus and how he calculated that figure (Page 160).
  • Read about how the US can fully fund our economy with more than $2T left over each year (Page 91).

…and much much more! All in this incredible book.

About Robert C. Whitehair, PhD

Robert Whitehair, PhD is the expert behind National Vesting™ and the author of the new book, American Buyout. His unique blend of economics, mathematics, and computer science provide the foundation for his economic theories and this nonprofit organization.

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Robert Whitehair, PhD

Executive director, center for national vesting

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