national Vesting Introduction

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National Vesting™ is the method used to distribute market surplus to everyone in a vested economy. Market surplus represents excess production. In our economy, this surplus is massive. It has an estimated value of approximately $15T dollars.  National Vesting, using methods similar to quantitative easing, exchanges market surplus for money based on the workers’ contribution to the surplus and then distributes this to the workers. For more details, please watch our introductory video on National Vesting.

Whiteboard Learning Sessions

The Whiteboard Learning Sessions provide more detailed information on some of the key economic theories that Dr. Whitehair describes in his book, “American Buyout” and on this site. Each video below is covers a specific area of interest – presented as a whiteboard learning session or as a brief interview With Dr. Whitehair or a member of his staff.

National Vesting Overview

Market Surplus and National Vesting

Counterbalance: Frequently Asked Questions

Quantitative Easing Explained

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